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Posted on March 3, 2013

Nicolas and his friend Tommy were straight guys before they met each other and none of them could even think that he would have anal sex with another boy but it happened. They have been only friend for a long time but one day these cure boys understood that their was something else between them except friendship and Tommy was brave enough to kiss his boy-friend. Nocolas was a bit shocked at first but very soon he understood that he loved it and they decided to try their first gay anal sex.

To be ready and prepare themselves to this step they bought gay porn DVDs and learned how to drill gay asses in the right way. So one day when there was no one at home Tommy invited his friend to visit him. When Nicolas came they started their first gay hardcore sex.It turned out that it was not so easy for Tommy to insert his cock into this cute boy’s ass but in a few minutes his cock was inside and he started drilling his gay friend’s virgin ass. He was doing it for 20 minutes and filled this virgin gay anus with his sperm. And they loved it so much, their first gay anal sex was a success. Watch full videos with these gay boys having their first anal sex.

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